Slow game speed until I click out of Yuzu window

Hi everyone - I’m totally new to Yuzu so I assume there must be something painfully obvious I’m missing. I did try to search the net and the forums for a fix but couldn’t find an exact match for this issue anywhere.

So as per the title, I’m experiencing a strange problem where Yuzu games run at a slow game speed after I load them, until I click out of the Yuzu window, at which point they will speed up to something more normal. I’ve experienced the issue with two titles so far - Zelda Skyward Sword HD (XCI file), and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (NSP file). It seems to be consistent whenever I load a game (running Yuzu 1344 on Windows 11), and on both Vulkan and OpenGL APIs.

Although I am running the games at 2x standard resolution with High graphical accuracy, I think my system’s hardware is sufficient to handle this (CPU: Ryzen 5900X, GPU: Nvidia RTX 3090, 32GB DDR4 Ram). Indeed, the reason I say ‘slow game speed’ instead of just ‘low FPS’ is because the whole visual part of game runs slowly - characters move at a snail’s pace, but I might have something like 24FPS at the time (audio speed appears to be normal). Within a few seconds of clicking out of the Yuzu window, game speed will increase (along with FPS) to a normal level, and even when I click back into the window/set the game to fullscreen, I can continue playing with no game speed issues at all.

I’m not overly concerned as the issue isn’t game-breaking (it’s very easy to fix), but it is odd.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Does anyone have suggestions about what I could do to stop it happening?

Thanks in advance

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by yuzu. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: Getting Log Files - yuzu

Use exclusive fullscreen in config graphics of yuzu. You likely have a gsync or freesync monitor which will have issue here until you use exclusive fullscreen or change app focus

Bingo! Thank you so much Ghost666 - changing to Exclusive Fullscreen and starting the game in fullscreen mode fixed the issue completely. As an added bonus, the whole game started running a lot more smoothly as well.

And yes - you were on the money re me having a G-Sync monitor. I hadn’t even thought of that.

Thanks again - hopefully if anyone else has this issue in future this small thread will help them out :slight_smile:

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Im having a simaliar issue where the game is running at slowed speed but the audio would be fine, sometimes during small cutscenes the audio wouldnt be synced up, any fixes on that? Mainly for tears of the kingdom