Slow speed on phone

Issue: Speed is slow, long loading shaders, cant start on load state.

Game that problem is Pokemon Ultra Sun. Every time loading shaders takes more time, first prepare and then loading. Speed go from 20-120. And last state i save i cant load. Advice? Biggest problem is speed, its really annoying.

  • Operating System: Android phone, Xiaomi 9T

I open game, and then try to load state that i saved, screen is black. Then i go and send Log.

citra_log.txt (108.9 KB)

Edit: I try to install other versions, but for some reason it dont work. bed6a4f12 is version i have.

Save states are not a replacement for in-game save files. Save states are a lot more unstable and should only be used (Saved and loaded) within single gaming sessions.

As for the shaders, that’s normal. The shader cache creates shaders it sees during game play and caches them so that the next time you encounter them in-game, it doesn’t need to create them again. Meaning that you’ll experience less stutter. This has the downside of requiring you to load them before gameplay and that the more you play the game, the more shaders you’ll have to load. You can disable the shader cache in Settings>Graphics>Use Disk Shader Cache. Keep in mind that this could also cause your game to stutter more.

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Thank you, but biggest problem is speed.