Smash bros delaying issue

Smash bros. runs pretty good on citra, it runs at 45-50 fps at some stages such as little mac’s one, but normally is completely fine. But when I get to play online, (i use my computer, with 2 different tabs), it goes perfectly until i start the match, but then the movements delay like 2-3 seconds, but it doesnt delay at all at singleplayer normal mode. Any help?

How far IRL are you all located?

I used the same computer, 2 tabs of citra open. So there isnt any distance between

so? anything that you can help with here?

Are you experiencing less FPS in both Citras open than just one by itself?

i dont have a problem with fps here, the fps is 60 in both of them, the problem is the delay, it delays more less like 5 seconds

any sollutions for it?