Smash bros mii problem


hen i create a mii fighter in smash
its head is missing
any help


The game is suppose to open the Mii Selector applet when creating Mii Fighters. Since the Mii Selector applet is stubbed you cannot choose a Mii and so the Mii’s head will be missing.


i have mii maker on my emulator
is there no solution


Let me put it to you this way. The Mii Selector applet let’s the player choose their Miis. Even if you have the Miis created with Mii Maker you still can’t select them. It’s stubbed so that’s why your Mii has no head.


ive seen you created your own keyboard applet
you can do the same thing whit mii maker


That’s possible, it’d take a while to design well and implement though. A mii selector is more complex than a keyboard.