Smash Ultimate Black Screen, 0 FPS (master 302, core.ARM & service.NVDRV errors)

hi there,

i’m having an issue with Smash Ultimate on the latest master version Yuzu 302, where it boots into the switch loading screen for a while, before just displaying a black screen with 0 fps :confused:

log file shows lots of core.ARM errors and service.NVDRV warnings which i unfortunately have no idea how to deal with - if anyone is able to help or has any ideas they’d be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Log file: yuzu_log.txt (162.5 KB)

CPU is i7 9750-H, and here’s a gpu-z screenshot if that helps !

thank you :heart:

Try this, back up your saves, go to Configuration > System > Profiles, delete the current profile, create a new one, restore your saves.

That worked!!! Thank you so much :]

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