Smash Ultimate freezes after some matches

Hey i’ve been playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and i encountered some issues that can’t be fixed by me ( Searching for many hours a solution to fix it )
Performance in-game is pretty good, Solid 60 Fps, I’m using Vulkan right now better performance.
Mainline Build: Yuzu 792. Super smash ultimate with Patch 13.0.
PC : i7-9700Kf, 16g RAM with RTX 3060Ti Graphics Card Latest driver update ( 496.49).

The Major issues is : The game completely freezes after 4-7 matches ( Most consistent is 30min ) and I have to force quit it and relaunch Yuzu, and it does the same crash every time, I tried increasing virtual memory in Windows using Vulkan but I had no success.

No success either With OpenGL ( Tested in GLASM Working Good beside the Major Freeze issues, With GLSL Game goes black screen when Launching) or Vulkan the right i use now, Same issues all the times.
I noticed in the logs that when its crash the biggest error is: core \ memory.cpp: operator
possible that this is the cause.

I uploaded for you 2 methods to download logs files size : yuzu_log.txt ~ pixeldrain > Click Download on Left Button.
Another Upload : Gofile - Free file sharing and storage platform just click on it or button download at right
Wanted to upload here but size is too big, 10.9mb.
Anyway i wait for you’re response, thx.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

This is expected until emu improvement. Little to be done to benefit this.

So we can’t fix it for the moment or delay it to maximum ?

Nope. It requires emu improvement. No ETA.

It also doesnt help you’re on latest driver. 472.12 is safe, newer is under investigation as to why it has issues with yuzu and many other things.

Well thanks for answering, I don’t know if it can help those who will be in the same problem but from what I heard ‘’ Having an older version of Yuzu with an older Smash Ultimate patch might help to avoid that ‘’ But in this case the no Dlc characters or dlc maps, so for the moment we can only wait.

Besides, I support the fact that the Driver 472.12 is more stable, GLSL launch normally and don’t go black screen when launching game. But same problem freeze yup

If it helps, the latest drivers render fine on GLASM.