SMO Crash with Vulkan API

my game crashes after 10 min playing or switching kingdoms ( just with vulkan, ogl works fine but bad performance). and async enable/disable doesnt work either, with async enabled yuzu just stop working (yall know this little window) and with async disabled i get a visual c++ runtime error.

i think the problem is my RAM (8gb ddr3)
but i dont know if extend the ram would solve this problem

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

log is too big lol but here for the non-bots:!KJMTQIQB!4GaFR0BCeUte4HYpND7QL2504pc_CzueVrgoWtam3zs

RAM is one part of the problem, the other one is VRAM. Vulkan for now can’t delete unused textures, so you will eventually run out of VRAM.
Disable async GPU to save some VRAM, and make sure you have a big pagefile to compensate for the lack of RAM, make it at least 10GB.
If your card only has 2GB of VRAM, the only way to avoid this is using OpenGL for now until we fix it.

thanks for the reply, my gpu has 4gb of vram (radeon r9 380) is this enough? im gonna extend my ram next days to 16gb, so that shouldn’t be a problem anymore then, i think. or? :slight_smile:

Users with 11GB of VRAM eventually run out too. But at least with 16GB of RAM you will get a better experience in OpenGL.

i still get these same crashes in vulkan (now with 16gb ram) but my vram didnt ran out or something like that. the performance of my components when the game crashes are all around 50-60%.

(the log size was always ~50mb with 8gb ram. now its waay smaller like 5-10mb but still too big. i can upload log again via mega if necessary)

Zip it, it will go down to 1 or 2MB.!LRlVnIaL!qcL54mwWXHyVSa0-nQVT3xWfPysLDnGRwXUkA_kO7Q8

Which R9 200 is your GPU? 270, 280 or 290?

R9 380… after a certain update, the gpu was placed in the ‘r9 200 series’ category… dont ask me why but it seems to be okay.

edit: the game doesnt crash with vulkan when accurate gpu emulation is enabled but performance worse than opengl

GCN3.0, Fiji, pretty rare series. I have no info on them, I don’t know if they have any specific bug.

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