SMO crashing to desktop

yuzu_log.txt (504.4 KB)

Super Mario Odyssey is regularly crashing on latest early access (has been doing this on EA for the past several months). Drivers are updated. Deleting shader cache didn’t help. The problem seems to occur primarily when transitioning to a new environment through a door or warp pipe. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Can you try doing those sections in undocked mode?

Still happening when not in docked mode. Windows 10 gave notification “WerFault.exe - Application Error: The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000012d)”.

yuzu_log.txt (439.7 KB)

There is also a possibility that your files or your registry keys got corrupted. This can happen while updating Windows, making changes to your system or due to malware infection.

This typically occurs when yuzu runs out of RAM. Increase the size of your pagefile to resolve the issue.