SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked HD Texture Pack

Update: After two months in the works, this pack is now almost complete. With it, the game should be fully upscaled up to the end of the 6th day, which is where the game splits into different routes.

I’m planning to play one or two of them eventually but other than that the pack won’t be updated as often from now on. If you want to help me complete it, read below.

Want to help? Due to how the game works I have to see every line of dialogues in order to upscale them. It’s quite a tedious task for me alone, that’s why I need volunteers to play through any of the 7th/8th Day routes, and dump all the textures they can along the way.

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Of course I don’t expect you to play the whole game, so I will share my save right before the route split with a bit of macca to make things easier.

There are 5 routes and 7 endings:

  • Atsuro’s route (7th Day) → 1 ending
    :heavy_check_mark: Yuzu’s route (7th/8th Day) → 2 endings (good and bad); I got these ones
  • Amane’s route (7th/8th Day) → 1 ending
  • Gin & Haru’s route (7th Day) → 1 ending
  • Kaido & Naoya’s route (7th/8th Day) → 2 endings (good and evil)

If you’re interested, drop a comment saying what ending you’re aiming for. Then you just install the pack and make sure to have both “Use Custom Textures” and “Dump Textures” enabled in Citra. You can check that it’s working by right-clicking on the game and opening the Texture Dump folder. The folder should start filling up as soon as you start the game.

Here’s a few tips to make sure you get most dialogues:

  • Use save state before every dialogue choice to get both responses,
  • Talk to the party after each story event/battle,
  • Talk to people / look around the city every now and then,
  • Play the same story battle multiple times with a different party (optional).

Each ending requires going through like 4 to 6 story battles, double that for the 8th Day endings. Once you’ve got one of the endings, you can pm me your dump folder so I can start sorting through the textures and upscale them.

Additional Info:

  • All textures were dumped from the US version of the game and upscaled using Cupscale mostly with ESRGAN’s 4x_NMKD-UltraYandere_300k.

  • Some dialogues won’t be upscaled unless your MC is named “Akira” (Akira Masaru). Likewise, some UI elements cannot be upscaled consistently, most notably part of the status screen, the fusion/auction menus and the help banner at the bottom of the screen.

  • Delete the game’s custom textures folder when updating. A lot of files in the pack are in different folders in each version as I’m trying to sort them and keep them organized.

  • Highly recommend to play with the High Quality BGM Patch. It can be found here.

  • If you’re feeling more like playing SMT: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker, an excellent pack made by Yōkoso Otaku covers the original story arc and can be found on their Youtube channel.

Original Post

08/19 - I’ve decided to make an HD texture pack of Devil Survivor 1 while playing through the game again. This is a work in progress, most textures have been upscaled up to the end of the 3rd day (about 30% of the game).

This pack will be updated at least until I finish the main route (6th day) but I won’t play every route a second time so the pack won’t be 100% complete.

08/24 - I’ve been working on upscaling the text with great success so far. Citra dump them line by line so it is tedious work but I’ll release a new update this week making the game almost fully upscaled up to the second or third day in-game (dialogues and all).

Here’s a preview of how it will look: In-Game | Status Screen

08/31 - Major update that brings a much cleaner UI and upscaled dialogues for the first couple of days.
Next up will be the dialogues for another two days once I find the time.

09/10 - New version is up. I used a different model to upscale all the dialogues. One letter in particular was not upscaled correctly in the previous versions and still doesn’t look quite right but it will have to do.

I will update the pack again once I finish the main route (6th day). ETA: 2-3 weeks.

09/25 - New update. The pack is now almost complete, only the dialogues on 7th/8th days are not upscaled. For the next version (1.0), I will try to add some of them and improve the backgrounds since they look blurry. No ETA this time but hopefully next month.

10/02 - Early update because I made a lot of improvements. See for yourself: link

The textures are much sharper by using a slightly different ESRGAN model and downscaling from 4K to 1080p. Half the blinking animations still need to be fixed. It should be done in a week or so. Then I will finally start on the 7th/8th Day endings.

• 0.5 (2021-08-19):
Initial Release

• 0.7 (2021-08-31):
 - Upscaled most menus and dialogues in and out of battle up to the middle of 1st Day (prologue).
 - Re-done most textures with Cupscale, fixing a transparency issue by the same occasion.
 - Cleaned up part of the UI and added similar fonts (mainly Trueno from SMTIV HD Texture Pack):
    - Menus and Battle UI → Trueno / Bahnschrift
    - Area selection icons → Kozuka Mincho Pro Bold
    - Compendium races → Bahnschrift Condensed
    - Number fonts → Shibui / Kozuka Mincho Pro Bold
 - Replaced the elemental icons with the ones from SMTIV HD Texture Pack. Credits to Intento2.

• 0.8 (2021-09-10):
 - Upscaled most menus and dialogues in and out of battle up to the end of 3rd Day ("Beldr").
 - Changed the lowercase "r" to a non bold typeface (all upscaled text except dialogues).
Note: Dialogues have been upscaled with another model in order to somewhat fix this issue.
 - Some more tweaks to the Battle UI and Status Screen (death clock, hp/mp numbers, strike icon, etc...).

• 0.9 (2021-09-25):
 - Upscaled most menus and dialogues in and out of battle up to the end of 6th Day (route split).
Note: Practically all text in battle have been upscaled, leaving only the Skill Crack popups.
 - Fixed the items and backgrounds that had a visible seam line. Most were 2-4 images stitched together, up to 12 like the super-long headphone cord in the prologue.

• 1.0 (2021-10-02):
 - Improved the character portraits and backgrounds during conversations.
 - Cleaned up the black outline and pupils on some of the character portraits.
 - Fixed the character portraits that had a visible seam line.
 - Fixed the blinking animation on Gin, Haru and the three main characters.

• 1.1 (2021-10-10):
 - Fixed the blinking animation on the rest of the characters.
 - Fixed downscaling issues introduced in last update.
 - Reverted night backgrounds to a more blurry version (less artefacts).
How to Install
  1. Launch Citra
  2. Right-click on SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked and select “Open Custom Texture Location”
  3. Extract all the content of the archive in that folder
  4. In the configuration menu, go to the Graphics tab, check “Use Custom Textures” and make sure Texture Filter is set to “none” and Linear Filtering is enabled.
  5. Enjoy the game!

Screenshot Gallery

Download latest version (v1.1 - 1.09 GB)

Nice work man, looks good!

Hey - It’s been a few months, so I’m not sure if you’re still around.

Are you still looking for help dumping the seventh and eighth day textures? I’ve played all routes before on my 3DS, so I’m down to rerun them to get you the files. I’ll probably start with the ones that include eighth day gameplay, i.e. Amane and Naoya, then move onto ones such as Gin/Haru etc.

Sorry about the late answer, clearly I haven’t checked this thread in a while.
Development is on hold for now as I’m working on other projects, but any help to dump the remaining textures is appreciated.

I have played both Yuzu’s endings so far. I’m not sure which ending I will go for next but Amane and Naoya’s are good contenders. If you have any dumped textures, you can post them here or PM them to me and I will add them to the next update, most likely this fall.