SMT: Strange Journey Redux HD Texture Pack

So I decided to release an HD texture pack of Strange Journey I completed when going through the game. I’m no professional at these things so I hope you all can forgive any quirks with what I did. This pack is complete and upscales all of the games 2D elements to better fit higher res screens. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed this game!

  • This pack focuses on upscaling menus, backgrounds, character/demon sprites and conversation/compendium portraits. No environmental textures have been nor will be reworked.

  • This pack should be done, if you see any missing textures let me know.

  • Any suggestions, criticism or contributions are welcome. I will do my best to make any improvements but keep in mind that I am no artist so sadly what I can do is limited.

  • Textures have been upscaled to 4x their original size using ESRGAN, waifu2x-caffe and Topaz Gigapixel.

  • This was created using the NA version of the game, I doubt it would create problems with the other versions of the game but just stating this.

Change Log:

0.75 - (1.57 GB):

  • Initial Release

This Version is referred to as 0.75 because, although fairly complete, it still has some things I’d like to refine. The next version will probably come out either when I complete the compendium or when I complete the chaos/law routes.

1.50 - (2.45 GB):

  • Most portraits have been completely redone, they are now upscaled using mostly ESRGAN instead of waifu2x-caffe, they are much more detailed than the portraits from the previous version.
  • All missing NPC conversation portraits from both new and old law and chaos routes have been added, no portraits should be missing at this point.
  • Multiple missing backgrounds have been added and upscaled, this should also be fully done now as well.
  • The compendium is now 100% complete. This includes: Demon Negotiation Portrait, Compendium Portraits (including bosses) and Demon Sprites.
  • Some older backgrounds have been slightly reworked for higher quality.

This version should now be 100% complete.

Click here for a Comparison between the vanilla and upscaled textures.


  • Just drop the folders into the Customs Textures folder for your Strange Journey Redux game, requieres Citra 3DS emulator.
  • If you are using an older version of the mod be sure to delete the existing files before adding in the new ones.


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I think you should replace all the portraits with Kaneko’s original art from the DS game because that would make this texture pack PERFECT

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You know, I’d actually love to do that and it wouldn’t be too difficult to upscale the sprites. Problem is that having already beaten the game three times for all the endings I think I’m too burned out to replay it on DS lol. If you happen to know anywhere I could get all of the game sprites with the original art I’d consider doing it.

spriters resource probably has them DS / DSi - Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey - The Spriters Resource