SMTIV Japanese Version HD Texture

Hello,Kaito Deluxe here and i just want to share the mod that i’ve been working for the last couple months,this mod will enhance the quality of the text especially with kanjis,and i would say that this mod is better than the 3ds version since the original version still have some blurry kanjis and they’re really hard to tell except you’re a Japanese person.

This mod isn’t perfect,there are some kanjis that i can’t understand since the original texture is way to small,enough of the chit-chat here’s the link if you want to get this mod

SMTIV Japan Text

Ver 0.1 details:

  1. There are around 50 kanjis that labeled with number.
  2. 2 texture files aren’t complete yet.
  3. All Conversation is almost done.
  4. Latin alphabet isn’t fixed yet.

And I’m working with UI textures for now,and I’ll update as soon as i finished the textures.
you can also use Kasaski’s HD Texture pack for sprites Here



Looks great! I’ll include a link directing here in my post :slight_smile:

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  1. There are around 50 kanjis that labeled with number.

I don’t understand what this means. Do you mean that the mod only fixes the texture for 50 kanji?

Also, do you plan on fixing the colored quest texture parts, since clearly 依頼者, 報酬, and 達成条件 are still low res from the image.

that means out of 2000+ kanjis there are arround 50 kanjis that covered in numbers,so when a number appear i can easily find the correct kanji from the dictionary.And the quest texture parts is counted as UI texture which i’m still working for it now.

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Can you clarify what this means? Sorry, I just don’t understand how how kanji can be “covered in numbers”

here’s the example,i cant identify the 41 42 43,so when these numbers appeared in the game i would easily find them in Jisho since every kanji words have a little hiragana on top of it,but i need to play test the game and hoping the numbers would appear.

Oh do you mean that you are unable to identify the kanji to the left of the numbers? They are 秩 (てつ, usually related to order) 嫡 (usually read as ちゃく and related to “legitimate” family members, like wife/children/successors), and 筑 (つく, a jinmeiyou kanji usually used in names).

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