Snapdragon 845 can run dolphin emulator 2x upscale on Android, time for an Android port?

Surely now citra is feasible now for Android like on a Galaxy note 9 or S9

It’s not magic to make a Android version of anything, and for an emulator is the same, actualy the Citra developers or doesn’t know how, or don’t want to do this now, need developers who know to port a emulator, scripts of a Android/IOs or others mobile platforms is too much diferents from a PC architecture, in the FAQ they o.nly say doesn’t have plans now for a Android port.


Not expecting Android port? Too bad! Techutopia time!

yeah that good ol’ 5 fps sounds like a ton of fun.

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But now android version of citra is released.

Could you tell me where?

You can get Citra unofficial version from GitHub Sachin vin Citra port which make it playable on android