So why citra don't have the cheats option

What you’re saying isn’t true. The cheat feature existed but was removed because it didn’t 100% work and future Citra updates would have broken it more. It will eventually return(it would return faster if you were able to contribute code rather than abuse) but obviously is a low priority when something like Cheat Engine exists and considering how much work would be needed.

Also, there is no other emulator for 3DS.

@oizzit dude calm down. citra may look its running okey but that doesn’t mean its smooth in the inside. cheats edits game data but citra doesn’t emulate game accurate enough to make that doable. thats why devs focus on improving accuracy so not only cheats but all other stuff can work without a problem. i mean try to mess something thats not stable enough, thats a recipe for accidents.

even so , they have to fix this problem , that feature is quite necessary and important

all that work is really worthy , cheat engine is nothing compared to a fully implemented cheats feature that is designed to be handeld by the emulator itself , cheat engine is only for emergency , not for a constant use , they must fix this problem , is importnat

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These replies will be fairly terse because @jroweboy pretty much said everything that need to be said here already.

Nah they don’t care.

Not sure what you’re trying to accomplish here by trashing the emulator on these forums, but Citra is the only emulator that can play 3DS games.

They aren’t obligated to fix anything.

Cheats really aren’t an inherent part of an emulator, it’s an additional quality of life feature that isn’t necessarily needed for emulation.

That isn’t what your aggression and hostility towards them say,

It’s open source software, a decision that the main Citra developers make isn’t an end-all binding decision that users can’t get around.

Ditto with what I said above.



@oizzit that’s a lot of frustration there bro, in any case you shouldn’t be worry about cheats, somebody is already working, they are just waiting for citra to stabilize, so there will be no problem when injecting cheat code. if you can’t wait any longer, just search google “citra build with gameshark” you’ll see whom im talking about.

ps. I can’t directly give you link, it’s unofficial build (atleast currently)

Not necessarily :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, if your okey with corrupted savefile then be my guest. “cheats” by nature is prone to corruption and crashes, not stabilizing citra is just purely asking for it :sunglasses:

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Joy to the World! the cheats has return! and if this thing reach nightly it would be a nice christmas gift!

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Why is it always that whenever I say something would take a long time to be implemented, it gets implemented really quickly?? :thinking:
Happened twice already… First Android, now cheats! : praisethesun:

PS.: DSP will take a long time to be implemented.


How do you get the cheats to work? I can’t seem to edit the text box, or configure any settings to load cheatfiles?

Also, WTF is up with Trollolo OP talking about people getting raped? How is he not banned?

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See the PR description -> #4406

Flag the offensive posts/talk to the moderators.

This is new code for cheats and not the old one that was written forever ago. This one has a less functional UI atm just for testing purposes. A full UI letting you edit cheats should come after this one passes review

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Hmm. I see.

That’s all well and good, but I’m guessing that the testing feature is primarily for Devs. There is no way to enter any sort of codes whatsoever, there is no option to import, nor is there a functional text box to add gateway codes to begin with.

Or am I just not understanding how to use this feature?

Edit: The reason I didn’t know how to do this was because I didn’t read the entire article about putting the .txt file into the folder.

Thanks guys!

Citra is the only 3DS emulator at the moment though…

Edit:well I mean,the only one who can play commercial games.

The rest of the functionality will be in soon. We wanted to start by separating the functionality of cheats from the menu for it so we dont let it rot while we fix issues with the ui

Well its still in canary but I’m willing to wait, hmm canary… canary… canary… heeheehehehehehehe.
PS. just being in canary means devs are working on it

@Adityarup_Laha what you say comes true? let me try
“Pokemon X and Y will be playable in 24 december”

I hope it comes true

@SilverWolf precisely the opposite.

So that’s why my wish is still not happening, i got it backwards