Solve the Black Screen when entering Castle in Festival Plaza (Pokemon Ultra-Sun / Ultra-Moon)

Hello. If you play Pokémon Ultra-Sun with the Citra emulator, you can have a black screen by entering the castle of the Festival Plaza. I found a solution to solve the problem:
-Install Citra for Android on your phone (
-Install Pokemon on your phone (the same version as on your computer)
-Launch Citra Android, indicate the location of Pokemon and play until you can save the game (to create the storage path)
-Quit Citra and connect the phone to your computer.
-Replace the Pokemon backup of your phone (citra-emu/title/…/main) with the backup of your computer.
-Play Pokemon on your phone and visit the Festival Plaza (there should be no black screen), leave the Festival Plaza and save.
-Now, replace the backup on your computer by the backup on your phone.

You can play Pokemon on your PC without any problem.

I need links for pokemon ultra moon for android. I tried to copy the version in my pc to my phone and it does not work

Is there another way for this problem?