Some help about running as

hey can i run smoothly pokemon alpha sapphire on a intel core i3-4005U 1.7ghz 1.7ghz with a 4gb ram?

With that CPU, never ever. Even with tons of optimizations in the future of Citra, your clock is too low (even for native PC games)

ok mate thnx for answering

i dont think that will run but i should ask
can it run in a intel core 2 quad Q6600 2.4ghz 2.4ghz with a 2gb ram ?

If your GPU support at least OpenGL 3.3, you can run the game. But don’t expect anything near to a good perfomance

yeah the game is running but its like 6 fps outside and 12 in houses so i guess i cant do anything to help it run a bit smoother ?
also would sun and moon run the same or will run better?

Pokémon Sun/Moon will run even worse. The only things you can do are:

  • Run the game at the lowest resolution possible (x1 native)
  • Edit your config file in “\user\config\qt-config.ini”, change the line “log_filter=:Info" to "log_filter=:Critical” *by doing this, you’ll hide the error messages, so don’t expect any support after this change)
    If even this doesn’t do the trick, buy a better CPU (both CPUs you’ve listed so far are very old and weak, not only for Citra, but for anything game related in general).

its running on the lowest resolution
i ll try the second one though and see how will go
thnx for your time bud