Soul Hackers art mod for SMT IV/Apocalypse and Strange Journey Redux [WIP]

I’ve been working on a texture pack for use that replaces the artwork for several demons with designs from Soul Hackers.

Here are the following changes:

-Odin in Strange Journey Redux and IV is now his Soul Hackers design. To fit him in, I had to shave off the top of his spear in his sprite, but that should be the only issue. No version for Apocalypse is planned at the moment due to the complexity of his design there.

-Yamato no Orochi has been replaced with its Soul Hackers design for SJR/IV/IVA.

-Alternate colors for Black Maria and Haoma based on their Soul Hackers artwork. Black Maria’s sprite is currently unchanged at the moment.

And as a bonus, Lilith in IV has been replaced with her Soul Hackers design. This is optional due to some caveats:

-Her sprite has been deleted entirely due to limitations and is blank in-game
-Her boss-sprite during the law route has been unchanged.
-I have not tested this during the scene where Yuriko reveals herself, as I do not have any save files near this point.

I only recommend using this if you really hate the Lilith design in IV.


  • Choose emulation in the Citra menu
  • Press configure and then choose graphics. Check on ‘Use Custom Textures’.
  • For your game of choice, right click and press ‘Open Custom Texture location’.
  • Move the texture files into the folder. Combined is all of the mods in their game’s folders and No Lilith is IV’s files without Lilith.

I’ll make more specified folders in the future depending on feedback.

Hope you enjoy!