Sound in Pokemon XY

I got a unofficial citra build from in which we can get sound in Pokemon XY. Can’t citra official can made it, please I want to play in official citra build!!!

use the latest Canary build 1154 and its supports aac sound

I have latest canary and nightly build

uhhh… citra developers fixed x/y, not some stupid pokemon website. read the guide that other user linked you and follow the instructions to get sound working, or just wait another week or so, and you won’t have to follow the guide anymore.

we LEGALLY cannot ship the dlls needed to play AAC audio so you have to download them yourself. YES that means that stupid pokemon website is ILLEGALLY shipping patented AAC decoders, not that anyone will ever care, but we care. Soon citra will be using the builtin windows decoder instead, and you won’t have to download anything to get it to work.