Specific mappable icon for changing screen modes in citra android

Before i start i wanna say thank you very much to entire Citra devs for officially bringing Citra to Android! As a first release performance is already great on my SD855 equipped device (Mi 9T Pro) and with features i needed the most too like gamepad support, internal resolution scaler, FPS indicator, etc. You guys also work really fast to implement feature like CIA update just a few days after the release, absolute mad man.

This is more like feature suggestion that i thought would be relatively easy to implement. Would you guys add a specific icon for changing (or cycling through) available screen modes? Especially where it can be mapped to a controller. It would be less hassle for touchscreen players and absolutely a godsend for controller users like me. For example, i can change from single screen mode to side by side mode (and vice versa) with single press of L joystick, no need to swipe down the screen and go through the hassle of tapping the option each time i want to change the screen mode. You get the idea.

I really hope for you guys to implement the feature i suggested in the next update of citra android. Thank you very much for your hardwork! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2: