Specs required for lle audio?

How strong does my cpu need to be to run games at full speed with lle audio? I was thinking of upgrading my cpu soon, but I’m not finding benchmarks.

Supercomputer level strong?
For reals though, don’t attempt to upgrade your CPU to make LLE audio run at full speed. Use HLE audio instead.

How strong is supercomputer level? I was thinking of getting an I9, since my I7 runs LLE at about half speed. I can live with HLE, I just want to do my nostalgia with Link Between Worlds justice.

Let me put it like this: I haven’t heard of anyone being able to achieve 100% speed with LLE audio in a commercial game. I’ve heard of some reaching 88% speed, but that’s about it. Just take my advice for it, use HLE, you’ll have a much better experience. And if you truly want nostalgia, I suggest simply using your 3ds/2ds to play your game, and if you no longer have one, use the money for upgrading the CPU to buy a new one.