Speed of bleeding edge

hello, new user here

so i saw several videos on youtube of bleeding edge builds running games with impressive speed.
i compiled myself a version for mac os from the latest git hub source but i find it to be running significantly slower than the latest nightly build. i only own mario 3d land so could not test any other game.

do those precompiled nightlys for mac have any kind of optimization i´m not familiar with?

Most emulation videos on Youtube are just cherrypicking the best performance part of the recorded games or are just pure lies (edition to speedup the footage). Mario 3D Land, for example, runs really bad on “open levels”, but most PCs will run the underground levels at fullspeed (and this is why most people record gameplay on those levels). Stick to the official builds, Bleeding Edge already has the optimizations you need for now (Citra is not complete too, you can expect a better perfomance/compatibility in the future builds).


Yeah that and make sure to enable -O2 and -msse3 when compiling. Anyways, as @lg_0 said most videos are cherrypicked or use unofficial branches/hacks to increase performance either by deactivating some things, doing risky things or making builds specific to their computer.


okay cool, i will try those arguments and see if it runs faster.
and yes, you are right. those videos can give you the impression that people are running more or less final builds.
the current state of the emu is awesome anyways, it´s great to see mario in high res.

applying -O2 and -msse3 speeds things up significantly and even the shader errors from the nightly build are gone.
mario running on 55-60% outdoor and up to 100% in indoor levels on my i7 3.1ghz 16gb ram macbook pro.
pretty good

if you are making builds specific to your computer, you could try -Ofast -march=native if your cpu works on avx, you may need to apply a fix patch for the jits: https://github.com/FernandoS27/citra/tree/avx

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alright no more tinfoil hat :wink:

well after seeing this running on my rig now, i can´t complain about performance taking into consideration that this emulator is far from being finished.

gonna try to get fernandos suggestions included
a quick lookup on wikipedia tells me avx is depending on support of os x 10.6.8 snow leopard
am on 10.12.3 sierra now, did apple include the function after 10.6.8?