Speeding up citra

I’m a newcomer to citra, and I’m not sure how fast it can get. MK7 runs about 50%. My specs are attached. Idk if it’s just me. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Your source are too low to run Citra properly.

thanks. any way to try to speed it up a little?

I don’t know what settings you are running at. Please post a screenshot of your Graphics settings.

what does that user rar file contains exactly? remember that you can’t share you system archives nor any copyrighted files (amiibos, updates, dlcs, etc). please inform us, otherwise your comment will be flagged.

It runs the same, and in another language, so it’s probably just me
Thanks for trying, though! Also, I’d delete that reply, since it could get flagged

can you do a comparison for me? turn off hardware shaders (Enable Hardware Shader) and compare the difference between the latest nightly and canary in mk7. I have a change that runs cpu shaders in parallel and i’m looking for some numbers on lower end pcs like yours


with shaders

without shaders


with shaders

image limit is 3 but speed was at about 33% without shaders

ah that particular course in mk7 benefits a lot from ignoring texture reinterpretation, which explains the large perf different between canary and nightly (which is a different PR). I’m sure some levels don’t have that thought, can you find a course where both nightly and canary with hw shaders on has about the same performance and then test with it off and lemme know those numbers?

i also have a low end cpu with similar threaded performance (4 cores). the threaded cpu shaders only increase performance on some games on certain circumstances (amd gpu).

MHX - canary cpu shaders ~15FPS - nightly cpu shaders ~12FPS.
SM3DL - W5-5 canary cpu shaders ~23FPS - hardware shaders ~18FPS - nightly cpu shaders ~14FPS.
but overall the game runs at 40~60 with hardware shaders, except on some level (usually those with more alpha transparency effects)
USUM - canary cpu shaders ~34FPS, - nightly cpu shaders ~22FPS.
Picross e6 - canary cpu shaders ~60FPS, - nightly cpu shaders ~27.
this game is really weird, not only its massively slower than the other ex games (~200+ fps)
but its the only game that actually uses 3 cpu cores (~70%+ cpu utilization, most games 40~50%)