Startup Bug! Can anyone help me?

Hello, there!
Since I installed the 26/10 Update for Canary Version, my Citra started to bug on startup in both versions…
It just open a DOS screen without anything write on it. How can I procced?

Note: I’ve tried everything that I hoped to fix the problem, like re-install and download other versions but the problem continue.

Did you try waiting it out?

Yep! And nothing…
Even if opened, why there’s a delay?

It usually starts up instantly but sometimes for me, it takes a few seconds to fully load the emulator after the black command line window appears.

Can you try dragging a ROM on the executable citra.exe?

This resolve a part of the problem! I can run the game now, but how can I config the controls or graphics if the emulator doesn’t open?

I waited a lot and doesn’t open, just stay there that DOS Screen with a gray bar flashing…

Probably a dumb question but, are you opening citra.exe or citra-qt.exe? Just curious.

I always used citra-qt, because citra.exe just open and close in the same moment, but now, citra-qt is with this problem…

Can anyone pass me the Citra folder on Users>(User’s Name)>AppData>Roaming? Or a print of the documents on it and a print of a speficif doc called “qt-config” in config folder inside Citra folder

Problem resolved!! Until now… I downloaded the “windows-msv” version of Canary Citra and it open normally now!

Hi Dracovanys
Can you tell me where we Can find the “windows-msv” version of canary citra ? I have the same problem, the Dos command Always open. How you solved it ? Thanks