Steam deck, large stutters with Enable hardware shaders on, Bad performance and crashes with them off

As the title says, I play on steam Deck through game mode and mainly only play AC New leaf.

Sadly with Hardware shaders enabled, I get giant fps drops randomly usually when loading a new arear but usually we are talking 60fps down to 15, Accurate Multiplication does not affect this, Also with them enabled it get a pretty stable 60fps

The longer i play the less frequent they get, But restarting the game the issue comes back and it never gets any better no matter how much i play.

Really the best option would be to keep hardware shaders enabled but somehow remove the stutters

Disabling hardware shaders remove this issues entirely, But then i get fps from 58 to 45 but it is more liveable than the giant drops, But with this disabled i have Random crashes with no rime or reason.

Sometimes i AC for an hour without a single crash, sometimes it crashes 10 minutes in, Making me on edge while playing and constantly saving, and hard to point out the fault.

So either way it is a loose or loose situation.

Any advice?

Update Fixed it, So i have got the game running with Hardware Shaders Disabled with the same fps as enabled, Turns out disabling V sync did not Disable it for the Game itself, So i have to go in to the game properties and disable it that fixed the fps issue.

To Fix the Crashing, I turned of Use disk shaders and Made sure accurate multiplication was turned of, As before it was just greyed out but still ticked, Now the game runs smooth at 60fps and i have played over 6 hours without a single crash and no major stutters as Hardware shaders in disabled :slight_smile:

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