Stella Glow HD Texture Pack by Kamijoan

Hey hi hello greetings

So this is a texture pack for the game Stella Glow for Citra. I made it to record some gameplay on youtube, here’s some of the gameplay if you want to preview it.

The Playlist

  • Why the whole playlist? “New users can only post two links”. Because I kept changing some textures while I was recording the whole thing, so the final version is the one in the last episode. (Spoilers)

  • This a x4 upscale, or 400%, same thing.

  • I modified my game to have the japanese audio, but the texture pack itself should work on the normal game and other regions if it has them.

  • Almost everything was run through an older version of Topaz Gigapixel to upscale it, I remade on Photoshop a lot of textures for the HUD and almost everything that has text on it.

  • It is important to say again that I made the texture pack to record that gameplay, that means that if a texture didn’t show up on the gameplay it’s not upscaled. So that means the “game over” texture is not in there. (lol)

  • If there’s missing textures it might probably be, some menu items or graphics, some never encountered enemies (or an enemy that never turned to face a specific side) and one important choice in the game of which I only recorded one of the paths (so probably some CGs in there), also some weapons I never equipped. Oh and the credits and some textures that didn’t work when upscaled.

  • The whole thing is basically 6.5Gb

  • On my gameplay videos the cutscenes are also upscaled but you don’t want to download those 50Gb of textures or watch the cutscenes at 10fps and crash Citra while playing them.

  • I don’t have plans to finish the remaining textures or fix any issues with the current ones. Aside from that feel free to ask anything I could help with.


To install this:

  1. Make sure you have Citra and Stella Glow on it.
  2. On Citra right click Stella Glow and go to “Open Custom Texture Location”
  3. On that folder just extract everything
  4. On Citra go to the top bar. Emulation - Configure… - Graphics - Use Custom Textures
  5. Also up the internal resolution, my game ran perfectly at 6x

Thank you!!! I’ll be using the 3D upscales!!

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how do i get the japanese audio?