Stereoscopic support in the future?

Hi Team and thank you for your work on a great piece of software!
Are there any thoughts of making the emu working with existing stereoscopic solutions like nvidias 3D-vision or amd’s HD3D? VR-devices like the oculus rift, htc vive, samsung gear etc are also included in the question.

This was implemented in one of the initial builds of early Citra, but was dropped due to it not functioning as well as the developers would have liked. I’m sure it will be re implemented once we can decide on a technology that’s easily accessible and works well.

I would be happy with a side by side view option, mainly for capturing. It would be easier and cheaper than modding your 3ds* and capturing with the included software

*I read the guidelines and there was no rule against mentioning this kind of mod

Also, couldn’t there be a 3d vision profile, or equivilent for amd cards?

I’m not as familiar with the technology, what would actually be used to view the screen in 3D? 3d glasses? Is it a function of the monitor itself?

Well, The best option would probably be adding nVidia 3d Vision support, and the equivalent for AMD cards. Rendering the 2 angles side by side requires capturing with fraps, OBS Studio or other software and then some video editing, not useful for playing, only video editing.

The “modding” I mentioned involves sending your 3ds to Japan and have it physically modified to get video out to a pc, but that is expensive and completely off topic

Side-By-Side stereoscopic support would also be useful for playing on 3D TVs as they often support displaying side-by-side 3D.

A 3D feature is in review, so it will probably be soon in Canary.

You can track and get a build here:

Can’t wait for this to get cleaned-up and merged!

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Really cool! I hope it’s feasible!