(Sticky) Step 1 to Gain FPS (Turn Off VSync)

Until I turned off VSync, most games would not get past 50%. I do not understand why but as soon as VSync was off, I was easily able to reach 100% Speed and Beyond.

I reccomend to put this as a Sticky, because it seems like many people have this problem and so few realize just how easy it is to fix.

If we stickied every common issue, that would be a lot of pinned posts. Plus, it’s not like VSync guarantees full speed, or even helps all that much in my experience.

However, I do think that there should be some sort of tool tips that describe what all of the options do, and what adverse effects they can have, like how Dolphin does it:

I see no issues about this, so you might want to make a new issue in the GitHub repo (Feel free to reuse my screenshot if you do.).

I think the better solution is to remove it from citra entirely :smiley: (@TheKoopaKingdom get on that!)