Stop Asking For Android

Everyone, please stop asking for an Android port of Citra. If you want a port then you can make it yourself. Citra is open source - meaning developing Citra is a community effort. If you want something just do it yourself. Stop making threads asking for an Android port.

Sorry, I had to make this thread because I get really pissed when people with no programming knowledge just repeatedly ask for sh*t on an open source project…


Hmm, you know, since this is an Open Source Project, it’s actually good to be asking for things here, not that it would be done automatically but because the people working or even other people browsing on it could do it.

If they didn’t want to work on it, they wouldn’t start this project. Now, if you say, there is a post asking for android and link those people to it, the creation of android posts would decrease.

Now, when you say that

that isn’t helping anyone, it’s just plain rude to everyone.

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Yeah I guess you’re right…

I think i agree with you, but i would rephrase it as:

People who aren’t giving the developers anything have no right to force them to work on stuff.
Developers are real people with real lives. They also have problems in life. No one works on Citra as a profession. Users should be grateful that they use their free time like this, or else the emulator wouldn’t have been where it is currently.
I would also like to use this opportunity to thank all the developers on the Citra Team. :heart:

Thanks for reading