Story of Seasons - Character named Citra?

i have been watching citra since it started i swear,and i was so happy to finally be able to play story of seasons, and everything is good with the game, it just lags a bit in large maps, but thats to be expected. but my only issue is that whenever i try to name something it always gets named citra automatically, my character name and my farm name, and if i continue ill probably get children and im sure the same thing will happen, which would be Funny as hell xD, is there a way to fix this?

System Information

  • Operating System: windows
  • CPU:
  • GPU:
  • Citra Version (found in titlebar): HEAD-ebe0150
  • Game: Story Of Seasons
  • Screenshot of Issue (include the full Citra window including titlebar):

Paste your entire console window log here.

The 3DS system keyboard is not implemented yet, this is why everytime you need to enter some name with it will always be “CITRA” by default. When the code is complete and revised you can expect it to come to the official builds. Also, you can check the progress of this code here


ohhhh ok thanks, i get it now ^^

I’ve been monitoring the system keyboard progress for quite sometime, the last input was from Dec 2016. Is this a temporary pause or is it not possible?

Also, to the OP, you can use a save game editor to change the names of the animals afterward if you are really interested, it’s kind of complicated to do so. Not sure if you can edit the MC, farm, or children’s names.

People working on Citra are doing so in their spare time as a hobby, no one is being paid. If someone is working on a PR and is busy with other stuff (Breath of the Wild comes to mind…), you’ll have to wait until they return to it or you can learn how to code and do it yourself. Even if minor, any help is welcome.

lg is right. breath of the wild came out and i’ve been playing it non stop (besides going to work) since then. I have some hardware research that I need to do before that gets fixed up, and thats on pause until i beat breath of the wild lol.


It’s the work by @jroweboy (who will continue on it in the future).

Also we don’t care / want to discuss unofficial builds here. These often include copyrighted files which mean legal trouble for the project and they could also contain malicious code (viruses) etc.
Some also happen to violate our license which is also problematic.

We only provide Bleeding Edge (without support) and the Nightly Builds (with support).
Unofficial builds is against our community guidelines for the reasons mentioned above.
If you want to discuss those you’ll have to use another forum (but we don’t recommend it for the reasons mentioned above).

We still enocurage working with the source code and developers are free to talk about their upcoming changes and current work. We just don’t want third parties to do this unless they know what they are doing + we don’t want any sort of preview releases aside from the official Bleeding Edge

If a feature is not part of official builds (Nightly or even Bleeding Edge) there is usually a very good reason for that.

@C_MW Your video link was removed as it linked to an unofficial build that contains copyrighted files. Please remember to read the rules before posting.

Sorry, I thought I was helping. I understand.