Story of Seasons. Minor Technical Bug

Ok. First , I started playing this game these days. What I want to know is the minor technical bug I found.

In this game, your character and npc show various emotions beside there head, like when they are in good condition there is melody note beside there head and there is water drop when they are in trouble etc. And You can check there condition or affection by clicking 3ds Left shoulder Button.

What is problem now is ,In The Nightly and Bleeding Edge version After the 2017 Jan, There is no Emoticon( Emotion + icon ) appearing beside Charcters. There Is a SOUND indicating they are showing emotions, but we just can hear sound and can not check what there condition is in now.

But I downloaded Old Citra - 2016-10-17 version, Which uses save file in its folder, not an Appdata folder these days, Anyway, This version shows emoticons. I tried to use this version but Speed and frame drop is far worse than late version so I keep using recent nighty version. When I need to check emoticon, I overwrite save file to the OLD Citra version and it shows well.

Why recent version has Technical Bug? I’m certain that it is not related to the Decrypted Rom file because it is well operated in the old citra version. Just wanted to know what happened and Wanted to show my finding

possibly a GS shader issue?


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So bisect it? Find the nightly build where the regression started. Without the log, screenshots and PC specs, it’s hard to say.

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Im using the latest nightly build, why I cant enter my desired name? is this a bug?

@Jared_Delacruz That is unrelated to this topic. If you mean the game keeps inputting Citra as your name, then that’s because the software keyboard is yet to be implemented.

I am also having this very same issue, and it is quite vexing because I prefer to play with no sound, so I can’t hear the emotion pop-up sound.

@Leo121 How do you bisect it?

Bisect as in you test every nightly build going backwards until you find the exact build that started the regression and make a proper report on it.

I tried it on Bleeding Edge 86 and it worked quite well. I guess it really is a GS shader issue.