Strange journey redux dungeon crash

Apple IMac 2009 Intel Core 2 Duo 3.06 GHz
Citra HEAD-e35c634 (last update May 18th update I believe)
Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey Redux

citra_log.txt (31.3 KB)

When I disembark from the Red Sprite to any dungeon, or when I load a save where I am currently in a dungeon, the frame rate drops to zero, and the frame rate refresh rate becomes Nan ms.

This had not happened before (a couple days ago before the update) when I played it, is it because of something that was in the new update?

I found some issues in that log that need resolving:

This had not been an issue with the previous iteration of the system. And even if I do have a physical 3DS, this is not relevant because I am not using a physical 3DS to play the game, I am using the emulator on my computer.

I did not find anything wrong in your log file. Please wait for a moderator to assist.

I just update the log file with the dumping system archives, the current issue is that the frame rate tanks to 0, so basically it is precisely a crash that is being experienced.

Iirc that game isnt playable. Can you check the compatibility list?

It’s not listed on the compatibility list, but I have played about 70+ hours on the game using previous iterations of Citra with no problem. There are lags in dungeon exploration mode, but that’s pretty much it, the framerate only drops by 30% during those periods, but right now whenever I transition into dungeon mode post-update, it crashes immediately, the framerates drops to 0 and the game cannot refresh at all.

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Most games require certain files from a 3DS in order to run. Ignoring the pop message box can result in instability,

If this is indeed the case, bisect the exact build that started the issue. In the download page choose Manual download to download previous builds preferably the Nightly builds.

Hi I just checked, the build that didn’t have this issue and that was compatible was the release nightly-688, the package code I obtained was citra-osx-20180511-e486621

It worked very well, with a frame drop rate of 30%, but the overall rendering of the dungeon map being serviceable.

To add to this, did the team change something in the rendering engine that might have been an optimization but instead actually might break the frame rate? Because if you did, then I think there might be a problem starting from there.

Assuming you bisected correctly, nightly-689 (citra-osx-20180514-7861be6) should be the one that started the regression. However seeing as the commit is related to migrating logging macros, I don’t see how that could be the cause of the crash.

Hi, I just tested version by version, nightly-689 didn’t have a problem (citra-osx-20180514-7861be6), the one that actually started to have rendering problem is nightly-690, I just downloaded and ran it, and immediately the renderer became Nan (citra-osx-20180518-64a8c8e). So there must have been some problem with the implementation of this comment:

gl_rasterizer: implement AccelerateDrawBatch to emulate PICA shader on hardware

Can you show a screenshot of the Graphics tab in nightly-690?

Attached is the setting, I never changed anything.

Looking at the commit history, I see that the GLvtx UI change is actually in the Nightly-691. Try disabling Enable Hardware Shader in that build in the Graphics tab.

Disable the shader in Nightly 691? Because 690 doesn’t have any sort of option that disable hardware shader, and 690 is the one started not working.

Yes, Nightly merged the Nightly-691 is the build that merged the UI option to disable the Hardware Shader. I’m guessing the crash is because of it.