Streetpass, maybe?

IS this a thing yet? whats going on with it?

network in general isn’t a thing, so streetpass isn’t either. In the future, it would be really cool to tunnel streetpass packets to random citra players through citra web services, but first we would need even basic networking :slight_smile:

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I can partner with citra to establish servers, I have people ready to host the hardware… I just never got a business going that would use the servers and there would be no point in having the hardware running cost without a purpose for them.

maybe we can do a special limited use, or data, option for people (because I like offering basic free service) and then give some more service and options for people to pay to get access to?

or, I am sure, we could get income from renting out a portion of the server farm data (people do this).

I have a network of people, the drive and will, get to the table citra because I am ready.

The problem is not hosting but actual research / development.

something like that would require hosting space, unless people are just going to bounce street pass around in there own computer, in order for people to communicate amongst each other with street pass.

You can’t do research just by having hosting space :wink:
Aside you don’t necessarily need a centralized approach. You can also do it like most other computer games out there and let users host their own servers where they can simulate streetpass and such.

However: At the current point in time we don’t even fully understand how the feature technically works (messages send between 3DS, channels of communication, encryption, involved system functions, …), so we can’t emulate it right now either.

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how can this be fixed?

with lots of blood, sweat, tears, and time poured into it. money/servers isn’t going to solve the issues as citra already has a small bit of that from ad revenue. progress in emulation needs extremely skilled people willing to donate time and effort.


if someone teaches me, I can put in time.

A distributed network would be interesting like when you to want to resolve a computer simulation and the power of one computer is not enough you put the simulation online in order for volunteers to contribute for the computational power over all. Meaning that for each person, the ability to process the total data will improve. If every body would be a host in a single “room” and the information would keep exchanging between hosts the information would be free flowing and no need for centralize servers. The more people log in the bigger and more able hold more players would be.
I don’t know if I added anything to this but is just an idea

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