Streetpass Mii Plaza application: Is it usable?

Hello my friends, I’ve been very curious about finding information on the Mii Plaza system app for Citra. I am unaware if the application is in any way accessible or playable on Citra currently as is. If it is treated the same as a game file or something else altogether.

I have seen the compatibility pages regarding the Mii Maker application but little to no information officially on the Mii Plaza or any other system app.

Have any of you been able to access the application? Is it located natively in Citra or did you provide the files yourself? ( Please know I am not asking where you got it from, or asking for links. )

I have heard some discussion about streetpass not being functional, but I am not so much curious about streetpass functionality as I am about the mini games provided in the application actually being playable.

TLDR: Anyone play Mii plaza on Citra? Did you install it or was it there natively?

Thank you so much for reading, and I apologize if I am ignorant on some details. I have googled and searched to the best of my abilities before inquiry here, and may have overlooked some crucial information.

I was able to get the mii plaza on citra but you need to turn on street pass in the system settings and i haven’t found a way to bypass the 3d slider calibration but I might figure it out soon

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dump your config savegame:

i can’t mod my 3ds because i have no sd, anyway around that?

@ [Zach_Nightwalk]
I can’t find a StreetPass switch in the Citra settings. Is it only on specific builds?

I googled for Streetpass citra and only found this thread. So I am guessing it’s still not possible to run Mii Plaza on Citra as of February 2020.

what build did u use to turn on streetpass in system settings?

change 3d depth thing in the graphics settings to 100