So i was playing Tomodachi Life on my latest ‘‘Citra Canary Build’’, until i noticed something…
There are Streetpass/Spotpass Features that are actually cool and useful! So i was wondering, why can’t
the ‘‘Citra Team’’ make a custom Streetpass/Spotpass Connection with all the other Users on Citra…

Umm, so thats why im here! I just wanted to ask if its possible to make a custom Streetpass/Spotpass Connection somehing like ‘‘Wiimmfi’’ for example. Please Note that im just asking…!


Streetpass might be possible, but hasn’t been RE’d. Spotpass requires nintendos servers, and won’t happen. (Unless I mixed the two up again). However, I don’t believe any dev is currently working on those features, so it may be quite some time until they’re supported.


Ok! Im fully aware that the ‘‘Citra Team’’ has other Things to do and that programming a Emulator is kind of hard. But honestly im a little dissapointed that the ‘‘Citra Team’’ isn’t really responding to the Fans, right know! :thinking:

That’s just my Opinion on this! But if it would be possible and the ‘‘Citra Team’’ would make this, that would be AWESOME!

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I´ve been playing Animal crossing: New leaf and I think this would greatly improve the game. This post should gain some traction, so that the devs see it


I know what you mean, a lot of features are sadly just possible with Streetpass.
Thanks btw. :grinning:

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theres no such thing as the “Citra Team” its just a small group of people who decided they want to contribute. anyone can join whenever they want and anyone can leave. that said, at one point a developer hopped in, wrote about 2k lines of code and spent several months working on streetpass support, and its about 60-70% complete. but like it said, anyone can join, and anyone can leave whenever they want. for one reason or another, he hasn’t finished support for it yet, and thats where streetpass in citra stands today.

keep in mind theres dozens of other highly requested features, mic support, new 3ds support, more speed, save states, nintendo online play, multi window, etc, but only a few people who volunteer their time to work on the project. just because its a good idea doesn’t mean it’ll get done anytime soon.


Ok, thanks for the Info.

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This is old but I wanted to comment. The development of Citra is “open source” which means that its everyone’s responsibility to help develop the emulator, and nobody is paid for any of it. If there is a missing feature, its a great opportunity to learn coding and implement that feature yourself. You can do it if you put your mind to it!!! :smile: what you shouldn’t do is complain, it actually scorns interest to develop, since it breeds a sense of obligation rather than a sense of community. I know big concepts, but its really important.


If they’ll add this feature, i’ll be in heaven. (literally, as i want to visit my friends island both using cira)

I was just playing Tomodachi life and wondered why Streetpass didn’t work, sadly im no developer or know how to write codes, I hope we will some day be able to use Streetpass

how do you use spotpass? (as in sharing and all that)

I think it needs Nintendo servers. I may be wrong though.

it does NOT require nintendo servers, only streetpas relays do

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