Stuck in the Launching screen

No matter which game I start somehow it always gets stuck in the launch screen
Sometimes the games start which is very very rare and very often it gets stuck in the launch screen.
I’ve tried a few things, but unfortunately nothing helps.
I’m currently using the Canary version because the Nightly always crashes
I even downloaded Super Mario Odyssey because it should work very well but even there it always gets stuck in the launch screen.
So somehow this seems to be a bit wrong with me because no games work

sry for Error my English is not good and translater not perfekt^^

I have a Ryzen 2600x, Gigabyte 1070 G1 Gaming, 16GB Ram and 6GB Pagefile

yuzu_log.txt (97.2 KB) yuzu_log.txt (23.7 KB)

Try a bigger pagefile just to test. According to the log the game was working when you closed it. Try purging the shader cache too.

The Shader Chache is completely new because I downloaded one to save me the creation but then it was in the log he deleted it and created a new one because the other one should be too old
One time I could start for example Dragon Quest Builder 2 because I wanted to have a look at it because I do not know the Builder series there it is started 1 time but since then updates have appeared again on the Canary and after this one time I could not open any more games

Edit: What I just noticed after a certain time we say about 10 to 20 minutes the RAM load drops to 48%.

Edit 2h later:
I have now deleted all Yuzu folders and uninstalled everything completely newinstalled then copied the keys and start the games all at once
I have to restart 1 or 2 times at the start but afterwards it starts at least I have to do the 1 or 2 restarts at the first start how it looks like once the games have started I can’t say that I have to watch it again
I have no idea what the problem was.
maybe there is also an error during an update no idea happens

Edit 7h later:
I have laid down for a while because I was really tired but now I can say something for sure.
So somehow Yuzu doesn’t seem to run right to me the I have to start Yuzu wait 5 minutes if then nothing happens I have to finish Yuzu and restart and if then it doesn’t work I have to do that again and again until the game comes sometime that can be a lot of tries because either crashes Yuzu or it stops the launchingscreen until then after many try times the game starts
I don’t understand that Yuzu doesn’t have any problems with me and others run without any problems


Please compile your own shader cache, downloading it is piracy.
Manually download the latest canary from the site and test it, please report back.

This post can be closed or deleted because the problem what existed in this post has been solved.