Stupid question: Does Citra support quick link trade/battle or wifi trade/battle?

If Citra supports quick link trade/battle and/or wifi trade/battle, does it allow the user to trade/battle with people who has different OS or it has to be the same OS?

Citra currently emulates local play, so if you join a dedicated server in Citra, you can battle and trade with others in there.

I see. So how do I join Citra server?

Get Citra Canary, then click on Multiplayer - Show Public Game Lobbies, then double click on a server you want to join.

I’m using mac and I couldn’t find where it is. Can you show me where it is?

It should be in the very top, in the program menu.

Here is what I got so far:

I’m not sure if this is what you are talking about but i see no Multiplayer. I watched a tutorial video and there is a Multiplayer on top but it was running on PC. Thanks for the help.

You are using a unofficial build.

We only support builds that are downloaded from here.