Sudden error while initializing OpenGL! Please help!

After a few weeks of playing SMT V on it, today it decide to prompt the error.
Here is the error log:
yuzu_log.txt (12.3 KB)

I don’t have anything to play now. If it can’t be solved, then I think it’s about time to go out of my cave.

I did not find anything wrong in your log file. Please wait for a moderator to assist.

Something made the Intel GPU take over the Nvidia one for OpenGL. Vulkan would solve this, but if you wish to use OpenGL, try a driver reinstall. We recommend 472.77:

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Lemme try it for a sec…

Boom it works.

One more question, is OpenGL better than Vulkan?
What is actually the difference between those two?

It’s like this, with OpenGL you get 2 (actually 3) shader backend options.
GLSL is the “universal” one, produces the highest framerate but it’s also the slowest at building shaders, so it will give you stuttering the first time you play a game.
GLASM, which is Nvidia only, produces lower framerate but is a lot faster with shader building, so we recommend playing with GLASM first and then switching to GLSL.
SPIR-V is experimental and shouldn’t be used for now.

Vulkan, compared to this, offers good framerate, sometimes lower than GLSL and sometimes higher, and, thanks to being able to use all CPU threads for shader building, gives very little stuttering, almost imperceptible most of the time. Its shaders can’t be shared with OpenGL.

We recommend using Vulkan first and only switching to OpenGL if a game needs it, give it a try.