Suggestion and questions

  1. So I was playing the Mario and Luigi: Dream Team and I must say, that I hate the tilting portions in this game. I don’t know if it’s me or it is for everyone, but that right click for tilting is very, VERY sensitive. I just click and ever so slightly drag the mouse to one direction but in-game, the Mario Bros. just run all over the place, namely in the Luiginary Ball, Drop Chopper, Slingsniper and Star Rocket attacks. I don’t know if this was suggested before, but wouldn’t it be better to use, for example, arrow keys or something like that instead of the mouse. I think it would make things much easier.

  2. Any news on save states and amiibo support? I think I heard the amiibos are only on the basic stage or something.

yeah the 1st one would be nice, i personally had alot of trouble doing the ultra wormhole bit in USUM, because of the current controls.

yea same because im trying to get it to a 100% but i cant get a excellent on slingsniper and star rocket if someone has a trick or something like that let me know and also the giant fights are also pain in the ass when you need to swipe alot