[Suggestion] Chatbox for Citra

I wish citra had a chat feature that can stay on the screen like a twitch chat i wouldn’t mind a small chat box on the corner since I play large screen mode and there is bunch of space on the right.

The current way to type it’s a popup chat with no sound to alert of new messages and it’s slow to swap between chat and game. Maybe sounds would be a more important addition to the current room chat system.

Here’s a preview I made: https://i.imgur.com/TxMOO7X.png

Do you play on keyboard or with a controller?

I play with a controller

I see, inputs still work even if the chat is the focused window when playing on a controller. I can play like this and chat at the same time:

Though the Send Chat Message text field is a bit too narrow, yeah but it works :stuck_out_tongue:

Or are you playing in fullscreen?