[Suggestion] move region selection from general to system

Is there a reason why the region of the emulated system can be set in the general settings while everything else like language, country ect (aka stuff that you can change in the actual 3DS system settings) is located under the system settings?
The general settings seem to be GUI related stuff and the region doesn really fit there in my opinion, I think it would fit better into the system category.

Just a suggestion because it’s kinda confusing me, maybe you have a reason for the current order.

Thanks for reading!


while i agree that it can be confusing, the Region is your 3DS Region which isn’t really a 3DS System setting but rather the region lock of a physical 3DS.

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System settings are exclusively for stuff you can set through the Nintendo 3DS Settings app. Since you can’t set the region on a real 3DS, it shouldn’t be in System.

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