Suggestions for citra (NOT MULTI-THREADING)

if anyone wants to post a suggestion (NOT MULTI-THREADING) they can comment them here.
my suggestion is for there to be a folder for all the additional files for citra, say you open the folder and there’s “citra launcher” and a “citra data” folder.

github page is open to post suggestions, provided that you include something people would find useful in citra and not “ctrz suckz, plz mhek it rn on my celeron bheter n fzter”

if what you mean by your suggestion is to reduce clutter of dll files by organizing them in a single folder then yeah i can agree on that


Citra’s new installer/updater should be finished soon, and when it is, users won’t have as much reason to actually look into the folder. No sense in making it look pretty.

Would it be possible to have audio tracks play at a speed independent of the graphics? At the moment, since my machine can only show the visuals at a reduced speed, even at minimal settings and modded to show no outlines. As such, I have to choose between either no audio or atrocious audio distortion.

Also, while I do understand why the ability to insert cheat codes is removed, I would still like a more stable solution than what is in previous and less stable versions that does not involve simply excluding it. Many of these games have PowerSaves codes, and those would be useful.

One other thing I noticed is that the save data is usually in a file called “main” somewhere in a folder that does not specify the specific game. For example, my Pokémon Moon save data is located in a different folder than the Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, though I would like to see quickly and conveniently where each game’s save would be.

Do these suggestions help?

If you can’t run the game at the correct speed, you shouldn’t change how the emulator behave to cover your bad hardware or bad performance in general, so no.

They’re removed for a reason, and if you really understand why, you shouldn’t be asking for this feature now.

You right click the game on the list and click on the “Open Save Data Location”, so there is no reason to change the name of the folders.

Not really

I should probably mention that I have no real problem with the level of slowdown with the games graphically aside from the atrocious audio distortion. From my understanding, it would improve the experience while not being too hard to implement. Also, you could mention the reason instead of just specifying that there is a reason. This is the internet, sure, but you do not have to make your reply sound jerky.

You don’t understand Audio distortion is because the emulation is not full speed.

Well pardon me for thinking that audio had to be synchronized to everything else, given what I know about several games in which audio plays independently of anything else.

Games vary in how they upload samples to the DSP.

To use an example, in Fire Emblem: Awakening the upload of samples for the opening cinematic is locked to the video framerate, but the upload of samples for the title screen isn’t. If you asynchronously process audio, the audio would be hecka choppy in the first case, and would play completely but then you’re starting at a title screen with no audio until the animation loops in the latter case.

Neither of which is a good experience.


I don’t know if it’s the right place, but what about a Google Drive integration for save files?

I’d say interacting with Google’s API is beyond the scope of this project. Cloud saves through the Citra Web Service is a possibility for the far future, but there’s a lot of different factors that may prevent such idea from working. For now, I’d recommend (And this isn’t on behalf on Citra, just a personal preference.) setting up MEGASync to sync your Citra user folder to a MEGA account. I believe Dropbox also offers a similar service.

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