Sun/Moon Rom Hacks on Citra?

Hi there,

I was wondering if someone could possibly help me out.
I’m hot trash with this stuff, I’ve been trying for hours. :sweat:

Is it possible for me to play Pokemon Sun and Moon ROM hacks (notably Nova Sun/Umbra Moon) in Citra without hacking my 3DS? I don’t have a flashcard so… (or Homebrew now because I updated). Obviously the vanilla .3DS works in Citra but it’s adding the ROM hack stuff that I cannot for the life in me work out.
Do I need a hacked 3DS to be able to add the new stuff onto the original Moon ROM?

Thank you in advance! :blush:

we had a couple of discussions about hacked games before

citra’s job is to load 3ds games regardless if patched or not randomized or not hacked or whatever… refer to google or the original hack creator on how to apply hack to a dumped game as this is not related to citra.

Moved to General for the reasons @RavenHome pointed out. I’ll also say that you need a modded 3DS to dump the vanilla game regardless of if it’s a ROM hack or not.