Super Mario 3D Land HD Album Photos pack

Hello! This is my HD texture pack for Super Mario 3D Land

The pack focuses on the Album Photos. It was designed to be used in conjunction with Henriko’s Super Mario 3D Land HD Texture Pack, but can also be used as standalone.
The idea behind this was to improve on Henriko’s excellent pack.
It also includes so other GUI elements that are missing.

Most of the textures were upscaled using Cupscale and various ESRGAN models.

Model used:

  • 1x_artifacts_bc1_free_alsa
  • 1x_BCGone-DetailedV2_40-60_115000_G
  • 4x_Fatality_MKII_90000_G
  • 4x_FatalPixels_340000_G
  • 4x_BS_DevianceMIP_82000_G
  • and probably some others

Download link:

Install guide:

  • Launch Citra
  • Right-click on “New Super Mario Bros. 2” and select “Open Custom Texture Location”
  • Extract the archive in the folder that just opened OR
  • If using Henriko’s Super Mario 3D Land HD Texture Pack, create another another folder with a name such as 1 and extract the files there, so that the textures take precedence
  • Make sure that “Use Custom Textures” is enabled (in Emulation → Configure → Graphics → Enhancements tab)
  • Launch game and