Super Mario Odyssey black glitches [Vulkan 5700XT]

I have those wired black glitches as shown on screens below. I am running Ryzen 7 3700X, RX 5700XT, 32GB ram on X570 platform and everything works great except those glitches. This is on Vulkan because open gl has REALLY wired glitches with rainbow boxes all over the place. This happens on both regular and early access yuzu (607). Latest drivers for everything. Windows 10 Pro 1909 build with all updates.

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That’s a known problem with Navi GPUs, it seems to be related to missing texture types on their drivers.
A partial fix for SMO is to use this mod: Disable_Deferred_Shading_JEFF.txt (484 Bytes)
Rename it to .7z

I don’t know where the partial fix comes in. Seems it did literally nothing… (and yes i have unpacked, and put it into mod folder and it’s enabled)

If you have a game update installed, try disabling it.

Disabled the update (mod you sent enabled) and still the same :frowning:

Then something changed with the latest drivers.