Super Robot Wars T Graphic Bugs

Hello, and good evening. I’ve never faced graphic issues with Yuzu, however, textures seem to be glitching out for a few games since the last few updates(Currently testing in 725). Did various attempts with multiple graphic settings, but didn’t find an exact solution. G Generation Genesis also has this issue in the menus, aside from the save game problem currently being worked at. Can anything be done? Made me wonder, considering i didn’t have these bugs before.

Precisely, what happens? Across multiple tests, textures have been displaying incorrectly during the battle animations of certain units at random intervals, sometimes they display correctly, sometimes they don’t. Example, in the first few tests, the glitch in the link below happened, but there were situations where the model appeared transparent but correct with a few black screens, or downright going black at a few sections, like the end of Harlock’s last attack where he shoots the enemy pilot or at the start of Great Mazinger’s Thunder Break. The log included is from the last test where the God Gundam’s attack played correctly without problems, but the other two units had the black screens as described before. Can anything be done? Appreciate the input!

Here is the link to the log. Couldn’t post it directly here as apparently there’s a file size limit.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Updated the Nvidia Drivers, didn’t help with the black screens from the others, but Domon’s God Gundam battle animation seems to be fixed at least, did a few tests and the bug didn’t happen again.

Try both Vulkan and OpenGL with the GLASM shader backend, with some luck one of those two solves the issue.

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I’ve tested all OpenGL settings on these runs and it resulted only in partial fixes, however, surprisingly enough, Vulkan did the trick! graphic bugs are gone and the animations even started to look better, play in a smoother way!

Good to know that Vulkan can fix some of these issues! Thanks!

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