Super smash bros ultimate world of light issue

hi,i was trying to play ssbu but on world of light when i start the first battle the game shows a black screen,and i can hear only the audio

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Please provide a log file. thats my log file,i used an external link because it’s too big

Sorry, can you use another site? I can’t access it, most likely a regional issue.

Try this one:

This is a Luigi’s Mansion 3 one. In this case, try with multicore disabled.

I’m sorry, I thought it was from super smash bros ultimate, where can I find the log for ssbu

i also have the same problem too, and since pietro_riolo does now know how to put the log file i will send a log file of the issue and a pic

ok i cant send a log file its too big to be uploaded but i will try to find some way to send it

i can hear the battle and the enemy mario hitting me and i can move but i cant see anything

“[ 126.840853] Debug video_core\memory_manager.cpp:Read:202: Unreachable code!” error
[ 23.448429] Debug video_core\shader\decode.cpp:DecodeInstr:366: Assertion Failed! Unhandled instruction: 0

edit: turns out its nearly impossible to upload a big text file like that…

Is exactly the same for me, if this is a yuzu bug I hope they’ll fix it

i found a temporary fix, use vulkan instead of opengl then it should work, and it is surprisingly fast, other games with vulkan for me are very slow because i use nvidia
edit: turns out its not a compleate fix, the game turns into black screen again when you lose

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World of Light is not stable yet.
You can do one fight at a time, save, close yuzu, re open and do another one.

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Ok, thanks for your amazing job

I encountered the exact problem too , thanks for clarifying regarding the matters :slight_smile:

As always , superb job !

Black Screen it’s still here… Hope for a Fix!