Super smash brothers 4

the game does not boot anymore, it was booting fine when the “GPU shader” was first implemented but now it is no longer working even on my latest build, it was working before in the previous official build i do not recall what version it is but it works just fine before, but the update where i can no longer select between CPU or gpu Shaders, the game no longer works. hopefully this works again with other newer builds, specially kid icarus but im not gonna discus that here since i have seen threads about that and it seems that there are still issues with the build. project Mirai dx doesn’t lag or delay with button pressing now which is good, zelda games still runs perfect, and thats about it.

System Information

Diagnostic Log
citra_log.txt (41.9 KB)

I found some issues in that log that need resolving:

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That GPU shader was changed to Enable Hardware Shader checkbox.

The message box says that system archive is missing. You either deleted/moved the the files from your user directory or are using portable mode.

So… the gpu shader will stay that way and is now automatically set to gpu? Right??..

And I haven’t deleted or moved any files from my users directory… what i did was updated my citra because it prompted me to, could that be the cause or do i need to relocate the old files and replace those files?

Indeed you gave me a solution but i need to figure out how to do that first i can do all those but I wanna make sure… :slight_smile:

Unless you’re updating from a really old version from Citra (in which case you should follow this guide), nothing should have changed.