Super Street Fighter IV: not possible to enter nickname and start the game


i’m trying Super Street Fighter IV, in the compatibility list it is lassified as “OK”, but i’m not able to enter the nicknake at the beginning and so i can’t start the game.
Even if i try to move the cursor or enter any letter, it desn’t happen anything the the 2nd screen.

I alo tried to disable the “enable hardware shader”, but nothing, the issueis still here…

Can you help me please?

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My pc: CPU: 4690K overclocked to 4.2Ghz, GPU: GTX 970, RAM: 8GB RAM DDR3
Game: Super Street figher IV
citra_log.txt (36.6 KB)

Log file attached

Thank you!

I did not find anything wrong in your log file. Please wait for a moderator to assist.

So the game just freezes. From the FPS in the screenshot, I can see the game is still running.

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it seems that it isn’t freezed, the music goes on, the “Carica” (“Loading” in English) icon is active and the red dot continues to tunr around. The issue seems that it is not possible to focus the controls in the secondary screen in order to enter the nickname.

Another issue: during the opening, the speed and fps are low, at 45% and 20fps respectively. Is it normal?

thank you

So the game is still running you are able to hear audio but the bottom screen touch screen cannot be used? Regarding the performance, not all games will run full speed. Some games are more demanding than others.

yes, I confirm what you said “the game is still running you are able to hear audio but the bottom screen touch screen cannot be used”


I find it strange that the bottom screen doesn’t work. Does this happen with a different screen layout? Do other games have this problem.

yes, it happens with every layout. And this issue only occurs in this game for now… :frowning:

Have you tried to exit full screen and click on the second screen with the mouse? Worked for me :slight_smile: