Swap screen with custom layout?

I’m trying to make the perfect couch experience witch citra and OOT. I have mapped some hotkeys to my Xbox360 controller and even use the right stick as a mouse. What I want now as a final step is to make a custom layout that gives me a single 1080p screen that is swappable. I Don’t understand why people prefer to split the picture by half. If someone know how to make custom layout and swap screen work together plz help.

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Use Single Screen. And use the Swap Screen option. We have both of those, no need for a custom layout.


Yes I do already but I don’t get proper fullscreen. I have to use custom layout to fill the whole screen otherwise I get black borders on the side of the image. If I enable custom layout to fill the whole screen the swap screen function stop working.

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That would be great, because I’m using a 4k configuration and it really looks great on MHXX, but it needs to change screens for some information or even to search for online hubs.
it will be that someone will be able to put an option that can use the custom and change of screen.