Swapping between screens

How to swap between screens on Citra Android with just one press?

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You can do it with 2 presses. It’s an option in the in-game menu.

Actually it requires 3 presses; one swipe to open the android bottom menu, one press to open the citra menu and another press on the swap option. Now to swap back an forth quickly it requires 6 presses which takes around 5 seconds. There should be a special button on screen to quickly swap between screens like in drastic for nds.

Are you still using the play store build? If so, use the latest Nightly or Canary build instead. With those, you can open up the in-game menu by just pressing the Back button.

Yes i am using the latest canary and nightly build. But my samsung note 20 ultra hides the back button. you need to swipe first in order to display it. And, still even if it requires two presses, a special button on screen used to swap between screens like in drastic for nds would enhance gaming experience.

Well, I’ll pass your request along, but keep in mind that we do not have a main android dev. So any changes to the UI tend to get neglected for a long time unfortunately.

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It is well appreciated!