Swear word list causes issues

Basically, when playing Pokemon Moon, I have reached the point where I chose my name, and a random window appeared telling me that the game is looking for a swear word list. It gives me the option to continue the game or end it, suggesting the latter over the former. This does not cause any major issues, since I can continue the game and name my character anyhow (I did not try to test how swear words are handled since I treat my computer like a christian server in terms of content) and no major issues are shown. Also, I got safely (but slowly since this is either a slow emulator or my graphics card is less than I expected) to the point where I name my starter and got the same issue. Again, I was able to name my starter just fine. I just wanted to raise awareness of this issue and see if anyone else has it.

You need to dump the system archives in order for the message boxes to disappear.

there is a list of files that are on every 3ds. some of these are pretty simple like the bad word list and others are more complicated both technically and legally. Adding a default swear list to citra wouldn’t be much work at all, but no one has done it yet. If you have a little bit of development experience and would like to contribute, be my guest :slight_smile:

So since every 3ds has those files on them, and citra doesn’t, it varies by game whether they will crash or not when trying to open one of those files. Pokemon moon tries to load the swear list but apparently it doesn’t crash when it doesn’t exist, so you can continue playing the game without it. Other games will crash if its missing though. It depends on how the game is coded. Citra can’t know if a game will crash or not so we display an error message and give you the opportunity to find out.

Adding a default swear list is pretty simple, but most of the devs are really busy with other projects right now, including myself. Since not many games crash from not having this list of words, its been pretty low priority :frowning:

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Thank you. I was able to fix the issues. Also, while looking for how to do it, I apparently found that people tend to assume that I don’t have a legitimately bought console or copy of the games that I want to play because I didn’t dump them the correct way. I actually purchased everything legitimately but did not know that I had to follow specific instructions to rip the rom from the cartridge in a specific way. Jeez.